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22 April 2010 @ 12:42 am
ATTN Japanese Students in NE Ohio: JLPT 3/4 Courses at CSU in Summer 2010  
This is a note I made to post on Facebook/LJ Comms/anywhere there might be students of Japanese in the area... may as well toss it on here P:

Japanese Students in the NE Ohio area:

This summer CSU is offering two preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT3/4, or N4/N5 by the new labels). Both courses will be taught by Lena Vidahl, CSU's Japanese professor. She has co-authored English textbooks for the Japanese and even started a business in Japan. If I remember correctly she lived there for 30 years... From my own experience in Lena-sensei's Japanese classes, she's great for any serious student of Japanese; she knows how to learn it and what we're capable of because of all the time and passion she's put into learning it herself. We're in our fourth semester with her and have just started Chapter 22 in Genki 2.

From what Lena-sensei has said about the course, we'd start by taking a practice JLPT and then go through the textbook analyzing the different kinds of questions, common mistakes, reviewing some of the difficult grammar, etc. Most likely she'll provide us with vocabulary cards (just on paper, nothing fancy, but useful). It'll be a great opportunity to make contacts with other Japanese students as well. There shouldn't be much homework due to the nature of the course, other than learning vocabulary you have to know for the test itself anyways, but the classes will still be focused, fairly intensive, and a great help to those who need to learn more kanji.

Basic info:
JLPT3 / N4
May 24 - July 2 (No class May 31 for Memorial Day)
Monday - Thursday, 12 - 2 PM

JLPT4 / N5
May 24 - July 2 (No class May 31 for Memorial Day)
Monday - Thursday, 2 - 4 PM

The N5 class is meant for students who have completed Genki 1 and N4 is meant for students who have completed Genki 2 (or equivalent). The courses are offered as Continuing Education classes so you don't have to be a regular student at CSU to register, and they'll be a bit cheaper than regular tuition--each class is $750 with the textbook included. The location is CSU's main campus in downtown Cleveland.

If you have any questions about the courses you can contact Lena-sensei at i_lov_pno@yahoo.com; if you want to register for one of the courses you can do so by calling CSU's Continuing Education Registration Office at (216) 687-2144.

If you know anyone in the NE Ohio area who would be interested, please forward/link this information to them! And I'd really appreciate any suggestions about where else to post this. We're trying to expand CSU's Japanese department but it's impossible if there aren't enough students to merit offering more courses. If anyone's interested in CSU's Japanese program in general feel free to contact Lena-sensei, or to e-mail or AIM me (a.haley@csuohio.edu / springrequiem), comment here, etc.